Benefits Of Organizational Development

For any organisation to do well and even perform better than its counterparts, there is a need for the management to adopt more efficient ways of handling issues, for instance, problem-solving criteria, production and technology. It becomes essential for the organisation to employ organisation development techniques. These techniques seek to alter the beliefs, attitude and the culture of a firm such that the people in that firm automatically start adapting to the new ways of doing things. This change covers the whole organisation, and through this, it is able to run more efficiently. Many organisations have adapted organisational development into their system. Let us discuss some of the benefits of OD.

Analysis Of Work Processes.

Organizational development proves helpful when it comes to analysing the organisation’s operations. Through it, every process is examined to look out for potential needs. This also allows the company to identify where it is most efficient and where it is least efficient, prompting it to make the necessary changes. If for instance, the number of employees doing packaging at your firm are very few, leading to a lot of time lag between then and the time the product gets to the market, the management is made aware of this inefficiency. Through this, the firm can streamline some of its operations, promoting growth. Besides, evaluators aid in detecting any duplicate processes which can be merged, for the purpose of saving on time and cost hence promoting greater efficiency.

Promote Corporate Growth.

OD has different phases which play great roles in refining an organisation. Its role in ensuring efficient use of company resources and quality of products helps to increase consumer demand. High demand for company products, on the other hand, increases the revenue and this promotes growth. An organisational development analysis can also be used to project the sales and customer demand, and this enables the firm to determine its rate of growth in the future. The findings from the analysis should be shared with the relevant department so that they may come up with strategies to ensure they get maximum results.


Innovation is mostly seen in firms that embrace organizational development because of the incentive firms give to employees. Most firms have resolved to rewarding great ideas, innovations and performances by their employees and this motivates them to come up with new products, as long as they receive the stated award. The competition among employees has contributed to great ideas being implemented in organisations. Also, OD contributes to increased product innovation through market research. Intense research enables firms to tap into greater ideas which they then apply in the production of their products to create superior output. Research on consumer expectations and preferences enables organisations to understand the needs of their target market, and with this understanding they are able to come up with more innovative ways to address the real need of the consumer.

As seen above the implementation of organizational development in organizations is crucial since it helps improve efficiency while at the same time increase productivity of the firm. Its ability to address several phases in the organisation makes it a useful tool. Every organisation should purpose to use it.