billyGO – Plumbing & HVAC Service

In a modern and fast-paced world, few companies have been able to keep up with the demands of a changing customer base. Especially when it comes to old-school trade such as plumbing and heating. BillyGO wanted to break the stagnation that exists in the plumbing industry by offering up fully licensed and reliable residential plumbing services via a handy phone app.

This app allows users to quickly schedule service within a quick 1-hour time frame, something other brands simply cannot touch. Since its inception, billyGO has been breaking the mold and rethinking how plumbing services are scheduled, assessed, and carried out. The result is a widely beloved and highly rated plumbing service that perfectly marries years of experience with modern innovation.

billyGO History

In the grand scheme of things, billyGO is a relative newcomer, having first emerged back in 2015. While the billyGO platform may be new, the brand itself is the result of Billy Stevens two decades as an owner and developer of one of the most preeminent plumbing and air conditioning companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Billy Stevens knows a thing or two about plumbing because it has been his life’s work for so long, which is why billyGO is built on the foundation of that experience.

Stevens first bought a simple two-plumber business 20 years ago without much fanfare. In time, he grew that humble plumbing start-up into a major plumbing company that employed more than 70 people. That company served thousands of loyal plumbing customers for years, many of whom now use billyGO as their top choice today. He sold his initial business as a means to get creative and develop the innovation that is billyGO. The idea was to have a streamlined plumbing/heating app that allowed users to take creating appointments into their own hands.

This ability to simply set up an appointment via an app, rather than dealing with long wait times is what truly sets billyGO apart from other plumbing companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The billyGO Promise

The first thing to keep in mind when you look into BillyGO is that Billy Stevens (founder) is a responsible master plumber licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. This means that you’re not only getting Billy’s experience when you book with billyGO, but the experience of the other fully licensed plumbers he has brought on board to fulfill his vision.

At billyGO, everything is app-based, meaning every aspect of the company is run from the innovative app designed for all mobile devices. This is where users can schedule same-day appointments in a matter of minutes. That’s right, no hanging on the phone or waiting for a call-back for days on end. billyGO promises that every customer is satisfied, which is why they also refrain from high-pressure selling.

Once a certified billyGO technician has assessed your plumbing issues and determine the best way to connect your plumbing or HVAC problem, the goal is always to repair first and to only replace if absolutely necessary. They try to refrain from upselling or pushing products you may not necessarily need. If a new product is needed, a technician will explain every pro and con. Customers also enjoy flat rates, with the price of each type of work being built directly into the online app. Once you are promised a price, that’s the price you get, even if a job takes longer than anticipated.

BillyGo Accolades

BillyGo prides itself on being a customer-first plumbing/HVAC service. It’s the reason why they created an app-based platform, to begin with. With that said, billyGO has received numerous accolades for its service, innovation, and transparency with customers. Not only has their commitment allowed them to receive hundreds of five-star reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook, but they have also earned that coveted A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. That rating guarantees that all billyGO plumbers and HVAC specialists are board-certified, that customers are always satisfied with the job done, and that the company is skilled in their field.