Custom Built PC – Higher Performance Computing On A Budget

Have you been searching for a high-performance PC for gaming from the top computer brands? The prices have probably left you speechless. A simple home computer is cheap, but a high-performance setup can be outrageous. You can overcome the sticker price by getting a custom built PC which meets your needs at a lower price.

The Custom Built Advantage

Price is not the only advantage to a custom built PC. Actually, it is not the most important advantage. The real advantage is performance. You get a faster, more reliable, and better computing experience when you have a PC built to your specifications.

You are not stuck with accepting a particular brand of SSD drive because that is what Dell, HP, or Alienware uses. You can choose the SSD drive that meets your capacity and performance needs. You can choose whether Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, or Western Digital makes more sense for your needs and which one provides the most performance for the dollar.

The same is true with memory, graphics cards, motherboards, and other components. You are not stuck with a 200-watt power supply when you know your computing needs will require a 600-watt or greater. Custom creating your PC gives you control of the price and performance, instead of leaving it in the hands of the manufacturer.

Eliminating Bloatware

One of the most frustrating experiences in the computer world is dealing with bloatware. You fire up your new high-performance PC and discover it is loaded down with programs you will never need. It has a “security suite” which slows down the computer. It has games you will never play. It has “diagnostics programs” which are unneeded and run constantly. You spend hours removing the programs.

Your custom built PC is only loaded with the programs you want. You choose the operating system, the productivity applications, and the entertainment apps that are loaded on the system. You avoid having programs that increase security risks and destroy performance.

Interfaces And Accessories

It is appalling how few USB ports and other interfaces are on some out-of-box computers. Do PC builders actually believe we are only going to use a keyboard, mouse, and printer? You need USB ports for all of your gaming gear and accessories. When your PC is built to your specifications, you know you will have enough. You can even choose how many will be front accessible by choosing the right motherboard and case.

How many of you have an OEM keyboard and mouse stashed away unused? The stock keyboard and mouse may work fine for an average PC user, but if you are a performance user or gamer, they are horrible. Custom builds allow you to choose every piece of your computer to meet your needs. You won’t have components you stash in the closet, because every piece was carefully selected to optimize your computing experience.

Price – Cheaper Or More Expensive?

Is a custom built PC always less expensive? No, but it will be your choice. You set the budget and the performance standards for your computer. You optimize the performance within your budget instead of settling for a PC that is the right price but doesn’t meet your needs. Which way will you choose?