Fall In Love with the Adorable Yorkipoo

Designer dogs are in the top trending list of dogs these days. Crossbreeds have become more popular than regular dog breeds, and this has encouraged dog owners to bring home a bundle of joy in the form of a mixed dog. Yorkipoo, for one, is one such bundle of happiness that will lighten up your house as soon as it enters. This breed is a mix between a toy or miniature Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkipoos love attention. They will remain by your side throughout the day. Their attention seeking ways are something that will make you fall in love with them every time.

Nature of Yorkipoos

Yorkipoos were discovered in the last decade, and they have become popular in a very short period. These hypoallergenic dogs are easy to care for. Their toy-like size, healthy genetics, and calm temper make them one of the most peaceful breeds in the canine group. Yorkipoos love to play fetch the ball. They will listen to your instructions carefully, and follow them to perfection. Their intelligence is another reason why they are so popular among dog owners.

Temperament of Yorkipoos

If there is a breed of dog that’s sassy, affectionate, and lively, it is the Yorkipoo. However, many dog owners claim that the temperament of many Yorkipoos depends on their genetics. Many are energetic, affectionate, and will stick beside you through thick and thin. But some of them get restless when you don’t pay attention. They become anxious and frustrated if they don’t see their owner for a long period. Yorkipoos love to be around people because they are attention seekers. Considering their cuteness, no one will be able to look away from them because they are so attractive.

Yorkipoos are mostly a happy go lucky breed that can soon become your family member. Their never-ending mischief on your bed, innocent eyes on being scolded, and a soul full of energy will become a part of your life that you would not want to part with.

Health of Yorkipoos

This breed of dog is usually healthy. They don’t require a lot of exercises to stay fit. If you play with them for at least half an hour, it is more than enough for their fitness. These dogs are usually very active. They run around the house playing with children, and when they are tired, they lie flat on their back. But there are a few health problems that may occur such as Portosystemic Shunt. It is an abnormal connection between the body of the dog and the liver. Portosystemic Shunt can lead to loss of muscle development, seizures, abnormal behavior, or stunted growth.

Another problem can be Hypothyroidism. Your Yorkipoo will experience a low level of thyroid hormones that can lead to weight fluctuations, skin issues, and lethargy. However, all these diseases are curable, but you need to consult an experienced veterinarian quickly.

If you are searching for a breed of dog that has cuteness overloaded in it, you should undoubtedly choose a Yorkipoo. Once you see its face, you may not want to see any other breed again.