What You Can Learn About Looking At People’s Favorite Types of Doodles

It’s not unusual to see someone doodle when you give them a piece of paper and a pen. However, the types of things that people doodle vary wildly from person to person. You can learn a lot of you take a closer look at people’s favorite types of doodles.

Animal Doodles

If someone gravitates towards drawing animals, it’s safe to assume that they are an animal lover. A lot of the people that like to sketch animals are pet owners. It’s especially common to see people drawing domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs.

Most of the people that like to doodle animals tend to stick to specific types of animals. However, there are people that are willing to draw all kinds of animals, from birds to tigers to fish. When you’re looking at someone’s animal doodles, you should focus on what they’re actually drawing.

Doodles Of People

If someone tends to draw a lot of people, then they’re probably an extraverted person. Someone that is most comfortable around other people will often think about people when they are trying to decide what to draw.

In some cases, people only doodle faces. These people are often empathetic and pay a lot of attention to people’s faces when they talk to them. Others, however, like to doodle outfits. If someone draws a lot of clothed people, they might have an interest in fashion. They might also be someone with an interest in comic books or other types of art.

Nature Doodles

Trees, bushes, and flowers are all popular things for people to doodle. A lot of people like to draw the sun, moon, and stars as well. A lot of people that create nature doodles are people that spend plenty of times outdoors. These people might have outdoor hobbies, such as biking, camping, or hiking.

In some cases, nature doodles can be about what a person wants. It’s very common to see people drawing things like sunshine and flowers during the winter. If someone is trapped indoors, and they’d prefer to be outside, then it’s only natural that they would draw the kinds of things that they can find outdoors.

Abstract Doodles

In some cases, the drawings that people come up with won’t look like anything at all. Someone that creates a lot of abstract doodles is probably a deep thinker. When they doodle, they’re not trying to create anything specifically. Instead, they are often moving their hands idly while they focus on something else.

A lot of people that like to draw abstract things also gravitate towards left-brained activities. These people might be highly logical. They may not always be the most imaginative people that you know, but they’re still people that you can carry on a very interest conversation with.

There is so much that you can learn if you look at people’s favorite types of doodles. The next time you catch someone doodling, you should pay close attention to what they are drawing. If you check out people’s preferred doodles, you’ll be able to deepen your understanding of them.