How To Buy Red Wine – A First Step

Advising people on which red wine would best suit their unique tastes in a task that is fraught with complications. There are a number of reasons for this. The first is that there are simply so many varietals of red wine and they are produced in so many countries at so many different wineries. Each of these wines will have a personality of its own – and individual taste will differ from person to person. Providing advice to someone of which red wine is best for them is like advising them on which style of socks would best suit them – it’s a highly personal choice.

However, the simple decision to buy red wine is that first step on a potentially rewarding journey. SO if you have made the decision to buy red wine and want to explore some excellent value for money first choices which will provide some insight into the sheer variety of red wines that are available here are some great reds that will provide the aspirant red wine aficionado with an excellent foundation for further exploration.

1. Beringer Founder’s Estate ‘California Cabernet Sauvignon’.

At around $9 per bottle the value supplied by this Cab Sauv is hard to beat. Produced in the Napa Valley this is a wine that is emblamatic of the wonderful California reds that are today available. With a mouthfeel that can only be described as heavily silky and strong hints of cassis this wine is not overly complex – but is good honest value and a wonderful example of why table wine continues to captivate the American buying public.

2. The Chateau Ste. Michelle ‘Columbia Valley Merlot’.

Washington State is built itself an enviable reputation for the production of some magnificent Merlot’s. This example at a price point of around $15 a bottle is a prime example of the the fact that wine does not have to be exceptionally expensive in order to deliver complexity and depth. This Merlot is at the same time smoky and rich. The savory Black Cherry tones make it a delight to enjoy with dishes such as duck or even steak. It would also pair well with venison or bring out the hidden depths of a strong cheese plate.

3. Jim Barry v- ‘The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon’.

This wine out of Australia’s Clare Valley punches way above its price class when it comes to complexity and sheer taste. Driven by cassis and spice heavy notes this wine represents exceptional value at around 416 a bottle. This is one that would be perfect for barbecued steak or even ribs. It is more than robust enough to stand up to basting sauces – however it would be even better simply consumed as a stand alone treat.

4. Bodega Norton ‘Reserva Lujan de Cuyo Malbec’.

Argentina is another country that produces exceptional red wines. This Malbec explodes with flavors of dark fruit and is heavy on the spice notes. At around $15 a bottle it is a value for money delight.

Start your red wine journey today by enjoying wines that are exceptional value for money. This does not mean that they are of inferior quality. The growth and competitiveness of the wine industry is providing consumers with the ideal opportunity to enjoy great wines at great prices.