How To Choose The Best Website Migration Service

If you have decided to switch servers or web hosting companies, you may have to take advantage of a website migration service. These are businesses that are able to transition your website from one location to another. Doing this on your own might be difficult if you have a larger website with thousands of pages. They are able to use special software, allowing them to easily transfer all of your files to your new server. This is how you can find, assess, and ultimately hire a website migration service.

How Are They Able To Move Your Website For You?

The process of migrating a website from one server to the other is actually not that difficult. For example, if you wanted to do this yourself, and you have a smaller website, there are software programs that you can purchase online that can zip your entire site for you. You will then upload that zipped file, and using the software that they provide you with, you will upload and activate that on your server as well. You will then choose the file of your website, and it will extract everything, creating a virtual copy of your website on the new server. This is similar to how these website migration companies operate. In some cases, they will transfer the site without any type of zipping or extraction process. This is more time consuming, depending upon the Internet connection they have available, and the proficiency by which the company operates.

Problems That Can Occur With Website Migrations

There are several problems that these companies may encounter. First of all, they may have difficulties transferring all of the settings for your mysql database. When this occurs, certain settings that are directly connected to plug-ins or themes that you are using, may not function as they once did. Another possibility is that some files can get lost in the transfer process. This could be to a glitch in the Internet connection itself. Other problems may involve the length of file names which are simply not transferable, or you may have corrupted data on your original site that will simply need to be replaced once the transfer is complete.

How To Choose The Best Website Migration Company

There are two ways to choose these companies. First of all, you have the option of simply migrating your website to a larger server with the company you are currently with. Most web hosting providers have a migration service that is in house. This is the fastest way to transition your website from one server to another because all of the servers are owned by that company. The other way of doing this is to hire a third-party company that does migration services for websites which you can choose based upon their reputation in price.

Migrating your website from one server to the next, or from one hosting company to another, can be handled by these website migration services. Depending upon the size of your website, and the number of files that you have, this could take quite a bit of time. However, for smaller websites this is something they can likely do in the span of an afternoon. You also have the possibility of zipping your own website and unzipping it on your new server. If you would prefer not doing this on your own because of time constraints, or a lack of understanding the process, contact one of these website migration companies today.