Top 4 Scalable Servers

Of lately, several options have popped up on the markets when it comes to finding cheap and reliable scalable hosting services. And get this, some start at a just 5USD for each month. When it comes to better security, Cloud Hosting has been known and also confirmed to have had some of the best security as well as the latest software. Read on as we present the top 4 scalable servers available on the market!

First on our list is Amazon Lightsail. This server is probably one of the easier ways for not only developers but even students, small scaled businesses and a wide array of users to get started with their own private server. The Lightsail has been known to provide its developers with the ability of more than enough storage, deployment capabilities, management, networking and several web applications. In essence, this particular server provides everything in a nutshell that you can possibly need to set your projects off all for the low monthly price of $5.

Amazon Lightsail also comes with several application templates and images that are of course preconfigured in order to launch different distributions. These being popular web apps such as LAMP, WordPress, the Windows Server and Linux. Additionally, users are also able to connect to CDN, managed databases and endless AWS servers!

Second on our list is UpCloud. While UpCloud goes for a couple bucks more at $12 per month, you can bet that its also quite proud for having the best in privacy, performance, its price of course and redundancy. Users also have the option of being able to access a range of resources on the high end which allows them to easily scale and readily configure their servers. And as we’ve mentioned before their price is a little more than the Lightsail but its all for the sake of friendly competition.

UpCloud gurantees their users a faster experience with their state-of-the-art next gen server. And their deployment rate is less than 46 seconds. This also allows users to deploy with Ansible and even Python among others.

Third on our list is Vultr. Vultr offers its services to clients for $2.50 each month and they show off their capabilities with 15 datacenters nationwide. Vultr was designed with its users in mind and allows cloud infrustructure to be implemented with mothing but a simple click. Additionally, they provide users with impeccible performance in all of the cities that they work in.

And, due to its design, game servers, developmental environs and WordPress blogs can be accessed with their one-click apps. Vultr supports several distributions including that of Windows Server, FreeBSD and of course Linux.

And last but not least is Linode. Linode competes with the Lightsail at a price of $5 per month. Linode has been designed for users who are on the verge of deploying systems, or simply just getting started. They’ve proven themselves with fast and reliable network as well as hardware that is essentially esay when it comes to scaling. And they provide 24/7 support as needed.

As we conclude we have just looked at the top 4 scalable servers available on the market! When it comes to choosing one that’s perfect, you might be in for making a tough decision. Remember, each has its own special features!