Top Tips On Finally Getting Your Kitchen Organized

If you give it just a little bit of thought, you’ll realize that of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen has the most stuff that needs to be organized. Not only do you have food that has to be taken care of, sometimes cold, sometimes away from pests, and dry too, but you have multiple large and small appliances as well. Add to that, the plates, silverware, bowls, and cups and you have all of the makings of a small factory. It’s a concentrated mix of tools, foods, and machines that daily turns out several meals, washes and recycles utensils, and then stores everything until the next day. So, here are some great tips on getting your kitchen organized to save time, prevent food spoilage, and serve great meals.

Start With a Detailed Plan

The most important part of getting your kitchen in order is to take care of the food that comes in, sometimes fresh, frozen, canned, in bulk, or as leftovers. Any mistakes with food storage can end up making an entire family sick, or worse. The most important place is the inside of your fridge where fresh, frozen, and leftovers live.

Get high quality plastic food storage containers that are stackable, and compatible and make sure you have plenty for everything. Get enough for the freezer, the fresh vegetables, the kid’s juice, the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and hot sauce. Throw all the old food away and start over if anything looks even slightly bad.

Stay with the same brand of storage containers and get plenty for all of your bulk food items that need to be kept dry and away from pests. That would include your rice, beans, pasta, dry pet food, cereal, oatmeal, and any other related foods. Many of these foods, if kept in sealed containers, have a lifetime of a dozen years, but not if they’re getting bugs, rodents, and mildew in their bags.

You should find a place for a shelf that fits all of these bulk food containers and keep them all in one place. Also, in order to save lots of money at the grocery store, buy all of these bulk items, along with ketchup, mustard, and other condiments in bulk bags. Some of them are less than half price if you’ll stop buying the throwaway plastic containers each time you go to the store.

Organize Your Small Appliances

This is going to be difficult since there are so many smaller appliances that are so handy. But, the problem is that they all demand a space on your counter-top and there isn’t enough to go around. What you need is a shelf unit that can be adjusted to make a special space for every single appliance you own.

Just keep separating the various shelves and putting the larger appliances on the bottom getting smaller as you go higher. Once everything has a place that fits it perfectly, you’re set. This is the perfect way to store blenders, popcorn makers, sandwich makers, rice cookers, pressure multi-cookers, Crock-Pots, waffle irons, cupcake makers, and everything else you’ve accumulated. All of these small machines have their days when you need them, but the rest of the time they have to have their cubby hole too.

Make A Place For Your Dishes Too

OK, lots of people just keep washing the same dishes over and over again and never really put them away. That works but then your kitchen will forever be slightly cluttered with either dirty dishes, drying dishes, or clean dishes, all in various stages. Just put in some basic shelves under your kitchen cabinets that are specifically sized for your most common plates, bowls, cups, and saucers, then keep them there when they are not in use.

Keeping your kitchen organized starts with having a container, shelf, or place for everything. Then, rather than handling each tool, or utensil twice as you clean, put them away in their special places immediately. In the end, you’ll save time at the beginning of your cooking and the end of the cleaning process plus have a cleaner, uncluttered kitchen too.