Why PVC Drains Are A Good Choice?

Are you wondering why PVC drains are a good choice? It’s a relatively modern idea but the reliability and durability associated with these drains is completely unmatched. Here are a few reasons why PVC drains have completely replaced the traditional materials.

1. Lightweight

Compared to other materials used for drains, PVC drains have a considerable weight advantage. With the little weight of these drains, the installation experts have reported reduced injuries during the installation process. On the other hand, it might take a number of installers to carry the previous drains, PVC drains are very light so a single person can carry them alone. As a result, fewer installation experts are required and the job can be completed faster. It also relates to lesser transportation costs since most companies charge by weight.

2. Improved Flexibility

PVC drains are very resistant to fracture so they have a notable performance advantage over the traditional materials. These drains can yield when loading without fracturing. Thus they can be installed successfully in areas with a lot of traffic without any worries about fracture. They can also be used in areas where there is considerable soil movement or anticipated soil vibration. When PVC drains are used in areas with a lot of pressure such as water mains, they can handle the magnitude of pressure changes because of the elasticity.

3. Watertight Joints

Drains need to be installed very tightly to avoid anyone from opening them. Also, it prevents any movement that might cause injuries, especially in areas that are prone to a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. PVC drains are ideal for these situations because they come with watertight joints. They can be installed in specific areas very tightly for the best results.

4. Safety

Compared to other traditional materials, PVC has a very high safety rating. Therefore, it’s perfect for drains and other plumbing needs. The material is non-toxic thus it is considered safe for this application. Actually, PVC is the world’s most used plastic and has been researched thoroughly for various applications.

5. Friction Resistance

Wherever PVC drains are installed, their friction resistance feature makes them perfect for any installation. Whether they are placed out in the road or in a residential property, PVC drains have smoother surfaces thus they reduce any friction present. As a result, there is reduced maintenance and superior performance.

6. Flame Resistance

It’s hard to ignite PVC and it’s also has friction resistance as mentioned above. Therefore, you can stop worrying about spontaneous ignitions that will damage any private or public property. Even better, PVC drains are ideally placed to stop any flames from spreading because of their resistance feature.

7. Versatility In Design

When designing PVC drains, manufacturers are not limited to various designs. Whether, you are looking for square, circle or drains in any color, the PVC material can be altered to fit your preferences. They also come in different patterns so you are not limited compared to various materials.

That’s all you need to know about PVC drains and why they have become so popular over the last few years!