The Case for Custom Built Drain Basins

Drain basins are essential components of a plumbing system. Usually, they are available with the pipes required to install the drainage system of the house. But, what if the old drain basin is damaged due to some reason? It can be due to extreme weather conditions or excess blockage. In that case, it becomes tough to find the appropriate drain basin, especially if the same set of pipes is not available. That is why many companies are providing custom built drain basins so that the plumbers can measure the existing drain and recommend the best shape and size for the new one.

Design of custom built drain basins

The design of the drain basin will depend on the structure of your home’s plumbing system. Ideally, it should look like a box where the top will have a grate. This will allow excess solids and water to drain quickly and reach the underground box. Plumbers often recommend installing an outlet trap along with the custom built drain basins. When the solid waste and water falls in the lower box, the heavy solids will settle at the bottom. The water will reach the outlet trap that is connected to the local stream or sewage plant. This allows quick release of waste materials and water without creating any blockages.

Another reason why these drains are useful for your house is it clears away the accumulated solids as and when they come. Plus, if you notice that they are collecting inside the underground box, you can open the top of the grate and clean the basin. It will restore the proper functioning of the drain without any risk of frequent drain blocks.

Importance of custom drain basins

Any drain system is essential for a plumbing system, but the custom drain basins have the edge over the others. One of the reasons why this type of drains are crucial is they don’t allow water to stand in the pipes. Standing water is often the birthplace of mosquitoes and several other insects. If your house doesn’t have drain basins, there are high chances that you and your family members may suffer from various diseases. Homes with gardens should always have custom-made drain basins so that both the water from the house and the garden should flow away without any blockage.

Apart from keeping the drainage system clean, the drain basins are also responsible for maintaining the plumbing system of the house. When a plumber installs a new drain basin, it eliminates the immediate risks of the pipes bursting or cracking due to high water pressure. Since the flow of wastewater is restored to normal, you can be assured that you will not have to deal with leaks from the water pipes or drains any time soon.

Cleaning custom-made drain basins are easy. Make sure you open the grate to thoroughly clean both the top of the box and the underground box. However, it is wise to contact a plumber to ensure that the drain basin is in perfect condition from time to time.