WiFi Extenders: Reasons To Invest In One

WiFi Extenders: Reasons To Invest In One

In the connected world, getting fast and reliable Wi-Fi in all parts of the house can be quite a challenge. The stock Wi-Fi router provided for by your ISP might only be capable of providing stable and reliable signals in just one room and not all places in the house. Some spots in the house will either receive a weak signal or no Wi-Fi signal at all – hence numerous dead spots. WIFI performance and connectivity speeds drop as the signal gets weaker reasons you need to invest in several WIFI extenders to help improve connectivity in dead spots and areas with a weak signal.

A Wi-Fi booster or extender works by amplifying Wi-Fi signals within the house, thus improving its range. Having one or two of these devices installed in your home could help improve your wireless experience significantly and especially in the bedrooms upstairs, the basement, as well as the garage. Some of the reasons you might need to invest in a Wi-Fi extender include:

1. Weak Wi-Fi Signal In Various Parts Of Your Home
A single Wi-Fi router might not be enough to ensure reliable and strong Wi-Fi connectivity in all parts of the house. For larger homes, getting even a single signal bar might be almost impossible in the next room. A Wi-Fi booster however helps eliminate dead zones within the house thus enabling all your devices to be connected. With almost everyone having a smartphone and other ‘connected’ devices, eliminating dead zones should help boost connectivity and the efficiency of such devices.

2. Slow Internet Speeds In Certain Areas Of Your Home
Most people have the main router installed in the living room. Although connectivity here might be superb, you might notice slow internet speeds and inability to stream videos while in the basement or even the kitchen area. This will, in most instances, force everyone in the house to crowd in the living room just to experience better speeds. Hooking up several WIFI extenders to the network however, eliminates this problem.

3. You Wish To Have Stable WIFI Outside
There are times when you’ll want to remain connected when working in the garden outside, or while mowing the yard. Wi-fi signals will be relatively weaker outside, which is why installing a Wi-Fi extender might help solve the problem. You never have to switch to cellular data while at home because of weak Wi-Fi connectivity. Ensure the repeater is conveniently placed to help improve connection speeds both at the garage and in the garden.

4. You Have A Large Home
According to the National Association of Home Builders, homes have doubled in size over the last few years. Even the most powerful routers on the market (centrally positioned) will struggle to provide adequate and stable Wi-Fi connectivity to all rooms in the house. If the signals were to reach all rooms, they would be so weak you wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. The only way you can be assured of optimal Wi-Fi performance in the large home is if you had several WIFI extenders installs in various parts of the house.

Many homes today are built with thick concrete walls and wire mesh, which make it harder for Wi-Fi signals to penetrate through. Unless you wish to have all your devices hardwired to the router, investing in a WIFI booster is the only way to ensure optimal Wi-Fi connectivity.