YouWager – Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting sites often feel like a dime a dozen. Many come and go, few have the customer base or legitimacy to stick around for the long haul. Finding legitimate sports betting sites that offer a wide array of betting options, competitive odds, and huge bonuses are far from easy. However, YouWager has always remained a customer-focused sportsbook with a slick design and the momentum to continually keep up with trends in the market.
YouWager is a one-stop online sports betting site that is available to those who want to test their odds in North America. They’re renowned for offering world-class customer service, quick payouts, and one of the best bonus structures available in the industry today. In a crowded market, YouWager stands alone as a reliable place for a smooth betting experience that speaks of this brand’s reputation.

YouWager History

When looking for a reliable betting site, it is always imperative to look at a brand’s reputation and history. When did they get started and where do they stand in the eyes of actual gamblers? YouWager has a long-standing history in the sports betting market. First founded in 1998, the brand emerged quite early on as a highly regarded sportsbook catering to American and North American players.

In the more than 20 years since YouWager emerged, they have become known as a site dedicated to offering top-notch service. While once primarily dedicated to the American market, they have since devoted time and effort to expand their offerings internationally. As of July 2019, they have become a major international player in the online gambling scene.

Around this time, YouWager also changed its domain from to Along with the name change, the site began to cover major soccer competitions all over Europe and integrating more live betting options as well as betting sections into the site itself. Now, YouWager is home to 250,000 sports betters from all over the world.

YouWager Reputation

YouWager has an excellent reputation in the sports betting market for good reason. They put their customers first and their own bottom-line second. Anyone who uses YouWager can typically expect generous bonus offers, quick payouts, secure transactions, and a wide range of betting options for both American and European sports. The only weakness some users may find with YouWager is their overall reluctance to bring in new customers via mass marketing, opting instead to focus on existing customers and those who stumble upon them organically.

It is also notable to touch upon the fact that YouWager is a legitimate and safe site to use. They hold a gaming license in Costa Rica which allows them to accept a diverse range of bets from all around the globe. Every move YouWager makes is overseen by the Costa Rican Commerce Industry who ensures that everything is above-board. It is a fully safe and secure website to use for all of your sports betting needs.

The YouWager Experience

One of the most notable aspects of YouWager is the experience that players enjoy. Unlike many sports betting sites, YouWager wholly caters to players looking to place bets of all sizes. Not many sites offer large betting limits, but YouWager is all about sweeping bet limits, player props, and competitive lines. This leads to an overall stellar sports betting experience that is tough to beat in the industry today. Additionally, YouWager covers all major sports leagues, including the AFL and WNBA, two leagues that are often ignored by betting sites. They have also integrated global sporting competitions such as MMA, tennis, golf, and boxing.

YouWager often earns high accolades among users and professionals in the industry, often being cited as one of the best betting sites on the web. Given that the brand tries to satisfy betters of all kinds, they stand out due to their large number of choices. They also have an unrivaled number of point spreads, prop bets, and pleasers. Anyone looking for a world-renowned site that consistently earns high marks among users and peers should give YouWager a try.